National Question

Catalonia: from anti-referendum repression to social unrest?

The following article was first published as the editorial of workplace bulletins distributed by members of L’Etincelle (The Spark) faction in France. (more…)

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An African “Homeland” for the Jewish Refugees?

In 1903, after the Kishinev pogrom, British imperialism proposed a territory in Kenya (the so-called ‘Uganda’ plan) to Theodor Herzl, the Zionist leader. The article below, written by C. L. R. James in 1938, shows that the plan was still being considered by imperialism thirty-five years later. James offers a revolutionary socialist alternative to settling the Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi Germany in Kenya: “revolutionary struggle against capitalism”. (more…)

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The PKK and Rojava

The following article was first published on the Workers’ Liberty site.

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The Nation-State

1- Those who have an academic way of approach claim that there’s no methodological approach in Marx and Engels on the national question, that they even have not made a comprehensive definition of nation. However, Marxism is not a collection of “doctrines” made of academic studies and frozen definitions in the face of various problems. Since its first days Marxism has taken shape as a philosophy of action, aiming at changing the world through conscious revolutionary action of the proletariat and it has had a constantly developing character.

It is not the method of Marxism to examine and define a historical-social phenomenon as something frozen by isolating it from the complex elements that shape or characterize it and from the variability of factors it is related. Even a definition which seems most near to truth is faced with the risk that it may not embrace all aspects of that phenomenon’s movement and different properties it can assume at different historical moments. Marxism is neither a pile of dead ideas nor a collection of ready-made recipes. Marxism is a lively and dynamic worldview which aims at finding solutions in accordance with the needs of the revolutionary struggle of the proletariat to the problems arising at different historical moments.

2- As capitalist production relations developed and expanded within the hearth of the feudal society, the desire of the emerging bourgeoisie to dominate its market and commercial relations began to intensify. In the course of the bourgeoisie’s fight against feudal reaction to establish a modern central unity under its political power, the ideological foundations of nation and nation-state were created. Thus the main themes of bourgeois-democratic revolutions were embodied as the formation of a new society on the basis […]