In August 2014, on the initiative of the Iranian Revolutionary Marxists’ Tendency, the Sedaye Kargar-e Sosialist (Socialist Workers’ Voice) TV channel began broadcasting directly into the homes of workers and the oppressed in Iran.

For almost three years the weekly one-hour programmes have covered many current and ongoing strikes and struggles in Iran, e.g., the HEPCO strike, the Iran Transfo strike and the protests in Ahvaz.

During these 156 TV programmes, the latest of which was broadcast on July 21st, many theoretical issues, e.g., the Leninist concept of the vanguard party, as well as the Marxist concepts of a revolutionary programme, socialism, democracy, imperialism and revolutionary strategy were covered. There were also critiques of syndicalism, reformism and other harmful concepts within the working class.

The programmes have also included events like the protests against the El Khomri labour law in France, the election of Donald Trump and other international developments. New reformist movements like Syriza in Greece, Bernie Sanders in the US and Jeremy Corbyn in Britain have also been criticised.

To coincide with the anniversaries of important historical events like the 1917 October revolution and the Iranian revolution, a number of programmes were aired. The class forces and lessons of these events were discussed in detail.

The programmes regularly reflect the activities of the Workers’ Action Committee in Iran and the Shahrokh Zamani Action Campaign in exile. There have also been bulletins on the activities of the Afghanistan Revolutionary Marxists’ Tendency and the Afghanistan Workers’ Action Committee.

Broadcasting on the Yahsat satellite, Socialist Workers’ Voice is accessible in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and South-West Asia regions. The one-hour programme is transmitted every Friday evening and then repeated on Saturday morning.

Each weekly one-hour programme costs $200 to broadcast. We ask all comrades who want to help the voice of revolutionary Marxism to be heard in Iran and Afghanistan to make donations at

The programmes are archived on YouTube and can accessed at

Iranian Revolutionary Marxists’ Tendency
25 July 2017