The following article was first published as the editorial of workplace bulletins distributed by members of L’Etincelle (The Spark) faction in France.

December 4th, 2017

Macron was visibly annoyed by Burkina Faso student questions during his African Trip, when he snapped: “The people smugglers in Libya are not French. They are African”. Certainly, there is no lack of people to take advantage of the situation over there. These people exploit migrants’ misery to extort their money or trade human beings –  the images of migrants in Libya being sold at auctions for a few hundred euros, originally shown November 14th on CNN, have made it around the world. These people are disgusting. But what about the people who are pulling the strings?

This traffic happens in refugee camps ran by militia backed by European States, France in the lead, to prevent migrants from reaching Europe. And it’s still going on! “Crime against humanity” said Macron. Of course. But aren’t the backers also guilty of the crime?

The hatchet men… and their backers.

The increased flow of migrants since 2010 has led European countries, including France, to erect hundreds of kilometres of barbed wires. But this doesn’t stop the flow of people fleeing from poverty, war, often both. Our rulers do not think for a second about using some of the riches in our countries to help the migrants. France promised to take care of only 30,000 refugees before the end of 2017, and has so far welcome only a tenth.

Remember that police in Calais had ordered that no water should be given to babies, and that people who helped migrant kids in the Roya Valley were prosecuted. After all, why would the European governments suddenly show any sympathy for the migrants, when they already spend most of their time passing laws that throw families into poverty.

The European rulers want to “dissuade” the migrants from living their countries… And for this, the migrants’ journey has to become a hell even worth than the one they left. Worse than the hijacking and murdering of Boko Haram in Nigeria; worse than Assad’s gas in Syria. And, this has to be known. So the next ones will not attempt to leave their current state of misery, fearing they will plunge into even worse evils, in the hands of mafias that rob, extort, rape, torture, sell and kill.

Hell in Libya: a situation that should have been anticipated

Libya has fallen into the hands of militia that terrorise and extort the population, since French planes bombed the country under Sarkozy. To ask Libya to keep migrants in meant those militia run the detention centres. These are the filthy camps that the media have been reporting on for months, as filthy as the camps that were ran under Gadhafi.

The European union officially pays the Libyan coast guards, whose cruelty is on par with the militia’s. European militaries under Operation Sophia send them the location of boats full of migrants. The migrants caught that way are then given to the mafias that run the camps. The European leaders cannot be unaware of what the bloodthirsty brutes they hired do.

So, they didn’t just “turn a blind eye” on the dirty work of their henchmen. The European rulers knew how their hired guns were going to operate, and that’s precisely why they chose them. They let them loose on African migrants, just like you let attack dogs loose. These dogs reflect all the cynicism and inhumanity of their masters.