The following is the second statement of the IRMT on the recent protests in Iran. “Reformists, fundamentalists, it’s all over now!” is one of many anti-regime slogans that the masses have been chanting.

“Reformists, fundamentalists, it’s all over now!”

A workers’ general strike is the secret to overthrowing the regime!

Statement No. 2, Iranian Revolutionary Marxists’ Tendency (December 30th 2017).

Following the protests in Iran’s various cities, today, December 30th 2017, a more massive demonstration has been organised in Tehran, with all fighting and militant forces organising to intervene in it.

We believe that based on specific slogans, and while observing security concerns, the active participation of labour activists and the militant youth in the Tehran demonstration is important. However, we believe that our slogans and demands in this demonstration or future demonstrations in Tehran and other cities should, on the one hand, be related to the current state of consciousness and, on the other hand, steer towards achieving the ultimate goal of overthrowing the capitalist system and establishing a workers’ state.

Our demands in the demonstration are as follows:

First, the linking of street demonstrations and protests with workers’ struggles.

The experience of the February 1979 revolution, which led to the overthrow of the Imperial capitalist system, showed that only the workers’ general strike, and especially the National Oil Company workers’ strike, could guarantee the overthrow of the Shah’s government. Shutting off the oil valves by the Oil Company’s workers eventually broke the back of the capitalist system and led the mass demonstrations to the ultimate goal of overthrowing the Shah.

Therefore, emphasising the linking of street protests with a general strike by workers must be at the centre of our intervention.

Second, the overthrow and the state that replaces it.

To show our difference with the bourgeois of various hues that only want to overthrow this regime and are silent on the nature of the next government, in our propaganda and slogans we must clearly state the nature of the next government after the overthrow of this government. Our slogan is the overthrow of the capitalist state and the establishment of a workers state!

But the currents that demand the change of this capitalist regime into another capitalist regime, while preserving the capitalist state, are evading this central slogan.

Third, the creation of neighbourhood cells for the continuation of the protests.

For the mass protests to continue clandestine cells must be organised in the neighbourhoods. Cells made up of trusted people. These cells can take on the role of organising the demonstrations and what follows afterwards. As a result, during the downturns and upturns of street protests, the cells will continue to operate permanently and will ‘feel the pulse’ of the street struggles. If a retreat was necessary, then after a period they could turn this retreat into an attack.

Neighbourhood cells can be a means of contacting vanguard workers in the factories and could take on the role of co-ordinating street protests with workers’ strikes.

Let’s link the street protests with a workers’ general strike!
Let’s overthrow the capitalist state and establish a workers’ state!
Let’s create and expand clandestine workers’ cells in the factories and neighbourhoods!


Contact the Workers’ Action Committee on Telegram to organise the neighbourhood and factory cells.