What is a Revolution?

Maziar Razi
Marx explained that revolution comes about through the conflict between the forces of production in a society with the relations of forces i.e. the shape of ownership in the society. Revolution occurs in order that this conflict can be resolved.

When the bourgeoisie came into power through the fight against feudalism they developed the productive forces. The ownership of property was incompatible with the development of productive forces under feudalism so there was no need for immediate revolution against the bourgeoisie at that time. Through several decades we have witnessed the prevention of the development of the productive forces, obstructing the betterment of the lives of most of the world’s people. For example today as I speak we have witnessed the rescue of 30 miners in Chile having been imprisoned underground for over 2 months. Why have they been put in this position? When we have the technology to extract materials or can develop the technology to do this. The reason is that it is not profitable for capitalism. It is the bourgeois state that is preventing the development of productive forces on a world scale.

The centrality to the revolutionary process is the fight of the only revolutionary class, the working class, to topple the whole machinery of the state. There can be no compromise. After the Paris Commune, Marx specifically said that there is no other way to achieve prosperity for all but having a world socialist revolution and that the world was ready for this. This can only come about through the seizure of state power by the working class, to smash all elements of the bourgeois state. These ideas were developed after Marx. The Russian Revolution was based on the theories […]

The Lessons of the Russian revolution

Maziar Razi
The Russian revolution is still the most important revolution on the world scale; it’s the first socialist revolution on the basis of theories of Karl Marx. This revolution has many lessons to be learnt from.

There are three aspects I would like to highlight. The first lesson was that the revolution proved that Karl Marx’s theories based on that the revolution, (pointed out in the Communist Manifesto and Critique of the Gotha Programme, was correct. Contrary to the idea of some people who argue that Karl Marx talked about these matters about 150 years ago, and that they are irrelevant now (old fashioned or out dated). I quite disagree with that kind of arguments.

You know very well that about two years ago, we had a very deep economic crisis of the world banks and deep economic crisis of the capitalism on the world scale. Suddenly the interest in reading the Communist Manifesto and even Capital of Karl Marx went up by millions all over the world! Because most even ordinary people  saw that what Karl Marx was talking about hundred and fifty years ago, was so relevant to the present economic situation. I believe, this argument that this theory has been outdated is wrong. You explain why we have this situation in the world scale, why the capitalism has not resolved the basic problems of the societies, why they are worse still, why we are witnessing the war in Iraq, in Afghanistan and in many other countries, which has been in wars that had been created  and initiated by imperialism, why so much misery, so much pour layers in every society from latin American countries, to middle east, in Africa,. So what sort of changes has […]