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The big economic crisis of 2008-09 once again exposed the frailty of the ruling class in all countries and the fragile basis of the world capitalist system itself. While the consequences of the crisis continue (even in countries that are technically no longer in recession) the manner in which the bank bailouts and other ‘solutions’ were carried out created deep dissatisfaction and suspicion among large sections of the masses.

The economic crisis of capitalism and the political problems of the bourgeoisie also highlighted two other crises. First, the traditional mass organisations of the working class – whether the parties that include the words ‘socialist’, ‘labour’ or ‘democrat’ in their names – or trade unions that have represented generation after generation of workers in various industries, have been unable or unwilling to mobilise their ranks even to fight an effective defensive campaign against the bourgeoisie’s attacks on workers and their families.

Second, the various organisations claiming to be ‘revolutionary’, ‘Marxist’ or ‘Trotskyist’ have generally been unable to contribute to the resistance of the masses against the attacks. In many cases they have directly acted as a left alibi of the bureaucratic apparatus of the traditional leadership, or as sectarian commentators of the class struggle.

What we have clearly seen is that the massive onslaught by the bourgeois state on everything from child benefit to pensions, on jobs and conditions, and on all aspects of social provisions (free healthcare, housing, education and so on) has – so far – mostly been successful. All the hard-won gains that helped hold together the very fabric of working class communities are under threat.

While both the reformist and the ‘revolutionary’ leaders have been in the depth of their own crises, the masses […]

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