Concept of Program

On Programme
The necessity of a programme

Maziar Razi
One aspect that shows the necessity of having a revolutionary programme is what is happening on the streets in Europe today, particularly in Britain. 20 to 30,000 students are reacting to the proposals on the right wing government in Britain to increase tuition fees and put further pressure on the poorest layers of students. We are seeing similar attacks all over Europe and seeing workers and students coming to the streets.

However, despite the reaction of the students to the cuts we don’t see any leadership on the part of the revolutionary organisations. One would expect organisations with 30 or 40 years of experience in Britain and militants affiliated to the hundreds of groups large and small would have some plan in advance, given the nature of the ConDems, to participate and lead activities in the direction where it would be possible to reverse the measures.  These few weeks have shown that none of the so called revolutionary groups had a programme to anticipate the coming upsurge and prepare to take leadership of the movement.

The second aspect is that many groups have come to the conclusion that there is a need for regroupment of a left that has suffered from mistakes, splits and expulsions. They see the necessity for uniting in a revolutionary international organization. This unity has to be based on a programme. Talking about theoretical or historical issues is not enough, seeking unity on this basis will lead to further crisis. Theory is not the basis for unity, due to the need for it’s ongoing development. Questions such as the class nature of China or Globalization are open to debate and can be developed. The programme is […]